ELF Bar Pods

The range of ELF Bar Pods includes the ELFA Pods, Vape Pods, and ELF Bar disposable vapes. The ELFA Pods are refillable and come in a variety of flavours, offering a customizable vaping experience. With a 2ml e-liquid capacity, these pods are perfect for vapers who enjoy experimenting with different e-liquid blends. The Elf Bar Vape Pods are pre-filled with a range of delicious flavours, catering to those who prefer the convenience of ready-to-use pods. Each vape pod is also equipped with a 1.6ml e-liquid capacity and a tight airflow for a smooth vaping experience. For vapers on the go, the ELF Bar disposable vapes are a convenient and portable option. With a variety of flavours to choose from, these disposable vapes provide up to 600 puffs and require no refilling or recharging. Whether you prefer pre-filled or refillable pods, there is an ELF Bar Pod to suit every vaping preference. elf bar pods, elfa pods, vape pods, disposable vapes, flavours

What is the ELFBAR Pod System?

The ELFBAR Pod System is a convenient and user-friendly vaping device that is designed for both new and experienced vapers. It features a rechargeable battery, pre-filled pods, quick USB charging, and simple draw activation, making it easy to use and perfect for on-the-go vaping.

The rechargeable battery ensures that users can enjoy their vaping experience without having to constantly replace disposable batteries. The pre-filled pods make it easy to switch flavours and avoid the mess of refilling the pods manually. The quick USB charging feature allows users to quickly and easily power up their devices for uninterrupted vaping.

The ELFBAR Pod System has sufficient capacity and power to last throughout the day, making it ideal for all-day vaping. Its simple draw activation eliminates the need for complicated buttons or settings, providing a hassle-free vaping experience.

Overall, the ELFBAR Pod System offers a cost-effective and convenient vaping solution for both new and regular vapers. Its key advantages include the simplicity of use, quick charging, and the ability to easily switch between flavours with the pre-filled pods. With its rechargeable battery and user-friendly design, the ELFBAR Pod System is a reliable and efficient vaping device.

Are ELFBAR pod systems rechargeable?

Yes, ELFBAR pod systems feature internal rechargeable batteries and a convenient type-C charge port, allowing quick USB charging. The 500mAh battery provides long-lasting power for all-day vape experiences. These pod systems come with pre-filled 2ml nic salt pods, ensuring hassle-free and leak-free usage, and are equipped with draw activation for seamless vaping. Additionally, users have the option to choose from a range of affordable, low-cost replacement cartridges and refillable pods, providing flexibility and cost-saving solutions. With their rechargeable batteries, convenient charging, and options for refillable pods, ELFBAR pod systems offer a convenient and customizable vaping experience for users.

Do ELFBAR pod systems have the same flavours?

ELFBAR offers a variety of pod systems with different associated flavours. The ELFA pod system uses Elfa Pods, while the MATE500 pod system is compatible with Elf Bar Mate P1 Pods. Each pod system comes with its unique flavours to choose from.

The ELFA pod system offers a range of delicious flavours, including Blue Razz Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Energy, and Grape. These flavours provide a refreshing and satisfying vaping experience for users of the ELFA pod system.

On the other hand, the MATE500 pod system offers a selection of enticing flavours such as Watermelon, Mango, Grapefruit, and Orange. These flavours are specially crafted to deliver a flavorful vaping experience for MATE500 users.

In conclusion, ELFBAR pod systems do not have the same flavours. Each pod system, whether it’s the ELFA or the MATE500, offers its distinct range of flavours to cater to different preferences. Whether someone prefers fruity or refreshing flavours, there are options available for every taste with ELFBAR pod systems.


Introducing ELFA PODS, the latest addition to our range of rechargeable vape kits and pre-filled pods. Our newest product, the ELF Bar ELFA Pro, offers a sleek and convenient vaping experience. Each pod comes filled with 2ml of salt-based nicotine and with 2 pods in every pack, providing up to 600 puffs per pod.

We are proud to offer over 30 fantastic flavours, inspired by the Classic ELF Bar 600, ensuring a wide variety of options to suit every taste. From refreshing fruits to indulgent desserts, there is something for everyone. Our ELFA Pod Kits are not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly, as they are reusable and reduce the waste associated with traditional disposable vapes.

With the ELFA PODS, you can enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of pre-filled pods, with the added benefit of being able to recharge and reuse your vape kit. Experience the wide range of flavours and the cost-effective and eco-friendly features of ELFA PODS for yourself today.

Elf Bar Vape Pod Kit & Pre-Filled Pods

The Elf Bar Vape Pod Kit range includes the Elf Bar Mate 500, Elf Bar Elfa, and Elf Bar FB1000. The Mate 500 and Elfa kits use pre-filled disposable pods, while the FB1000 uses a refillable 2ml pod. The Elf Bar Mate 500 is compatible with the Elf Bar P1 pre-filled pods, offering a convenient and hassle-free vaping experience. On the other hand, the Elf Bar Elfa range includes the rechargeable ELFA pod kit and pre-filled pods, catering to different vaping preferences. The Elf Bar FB1000, on the other hand, allows users to refill their pods with their chosen e-liquid, providing flexibility and freedom in their vaping experience. Whether you prefer the convenience of pre-filled pods or the versatility of refillable pods, Elf Bar offers a range of options to suit your vaping needs. With high-quality materials and sleek designs, Elf Bar Vape Pod Kits provide a reliable and satisfying vaping experience. Try the Elf Bar Mate 500, Elfa, and FB1000 to find the perfect fit for your vaping preferences.

Elf Bar ELFA Refills & Elf Bar Pods – 5 for £22.50 – Free UK Delivery

Choose from a wide range of Elf Bar ELFA Refills and Elf Bar Pods with our special offer of 5 for £22.50, including free UK delivery. These pods are the perfect alternative to disposable vapes, priced at half the cost and offering up to 600 puffs per pod, equivalent to 20 cigarettes. With over 30 fantastic flavours to choose from, you can find your perfect match and enjoy a satisfying vaping experience. Don’t miss out on this great offer and stock up on your favourite Elf Bar refills and pods today!

What is an Elfa Pod?

The Elfa Pod is a convenient and user-friendly vaping accessory offering various features and components. This includes a rechargeable battery, easily replaceable pre-filled pods, and a choice of 15 flavours. The pre-filled pods come with 2ml of e-liquid and are compatible with the Elf Bar Elfa pod kit.

One of the standout features of the Elfa Pod is its built-in coils, which means they do not need to be changed. Instead, users can simply replace the pod when the e-liquid runs dry, making for a more hassle-free and low-maintenance vaping experience.

The 15 available flavours offer vapers a diverse selection to choose from, catering to different taste preferences. With its rechargeable battery, users can enjoy extended vaping sessions without the inconvenience of constantly having to replace disposable batteries. Overall, the Elfa Pod is designed to be a user-friendly, versatile, and practical vaping option for enthusiasts looking for a hassle-free experience.

What nicotine is in an Elfa Pod?

The nicotine content in an Elfa Pod is 2% or 20mg/ml, providing the same experience as a disposable vape. This level of nicotine delivers a satisfying hit without the need for constant puffing, making it ideal for on-the-go vaping.

The Elfa Pod comes in a variety of flavours, all of which are based on popular Elf bar disposable vape flavours. These flavours include fruity options like mango, blue raspberry, and strawberry, as well as classic choices like mint and tobacco. With such a wide range of flavours to choose from, there’s something to suit every vaper’s taste preferences.

Whether you’re a fan of fruity or more traditional flavours, the Elfa Pod offers a satisfying vaping experience with its 2% nicotine content. If you’re looking for a convenient and flavorful option that mimics the experience of a disposable vape, the Elfa Pod is the perfect choice.

Are Elfa Pods the same as Elf Bar?

Elfa Pods and Elf Bar are both popular choices for vapers, offering a range of e-liquid flavours and a convenient vaping experience. They share the same e-liquid flavours, allowing users to enjoy their favourite tastes across both products. However, Elfa Pods also release new and exclusive flavours, providing a unique vaping experience for users of the Elfa Pods.

Elfa Pods are designed to be compatible with the Elf Bar Elfa pod kit, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly vaping experience. This compatibility allows users to easily switch between different flavours without needing to purchase separate pods for each one, saving money and reducing waste.

The features of Elfa Pods include built-in coils and salt nicotine content, providing a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. The rechargeable ELFA Pod Kits offer convenience and long-term savings, while the wide range of available flavours ensures that users can always find their favourite e-liquid. Overall, while Elfa Pods and Elf Bar share similarities, Elfa Pods offer unique flavours and compatibility with the Elf Bar Elfa pod kit, making them a standout choice for vapers.

Are Elfa Pods cheaper than Elf Bars?

When comparing the prices of Elfa Pods and Elf Bars, it’s important to consider the cost of the starter kit, replacement pods, and the amount of liquid in each. The Elfa Pods starter kit is priced at $29.99, with replacement pods costing $10.99 each. On the other hand, Elf Bar disposables typically range from $5 to $10 each.

In terms of the amount of liquid in each, Elfa Pods contain 3.2ml of e-liquid, while Elf Bars usually have around 2ml. When comparing the prices and the amount of liquid, Elfa Pods are the more cost-effective option – especially considering that the cost of Elfa pods is half the price of disposables.

Overall, it’s clear that Elfa Pods are a more budget-friendly option in the long run. The initial investment of the starter kit may be slightly higher, but the cost of replacement pods and the larger amount of e-liquid make it a more economical choice. So, if you’re looking for a more affordable option for vaping, Elfa Pods are the way to go.

How many puffs are in an Elfa Pod?

An Elfa Pod typically provides around 300-400 puffs per individual pod, with each pack containing 3 pods. This means that a pack of Elfa Pods offers approximately 900-1200 puffs in total.

To determine when the pod needs to be replaced, users should pay attention to the flavour and vapour production. When the flavour becomes muted or starts to taste burnt, or when the vapour production decreases significantly, it is a good indication that the pod needs to be replaced. Additionally, if there is any leakage or gurgling sounds, it may be time to switch out the pod. It’s important to regularly check the condition of the pod and replace it as needed to ensure a consistent and satisfying vaping experience.

What is the most popular Elfa Pod Flavour?

The most popular Elfa Pod flavour is Blue Razz Lemonade, widely loved by users of the ELFBAR pod system. In addition to this top choice, the ELFBAR pod system offers a variety of other delicious flavour options. These include Watermelon, Pink Lemonade, Blueberry Sour Raspberry, and Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava. The wide array of choices caters to the diverse preferences of pod users, allowing everyone to find their favourite flavour.

Among these options, the Blue Razz Lemonade flavour has gained widespread popularity, with users praising its refreshing and tangy taste. The sweet and tart combination of blue raspberry and lemonade has made it a top choice for many, making it the most sought-after flavour in the ELFBAR lineup. As a result, it has become a staple choice for those who enjoy using pod systems, cementing its status as the most popular Elfa Pod flavour and a highly desirable option for pod users.

Elf Bar Vape Pods

Elf Bar Vape Pods offer a diverse range of options for vapers, including the Mate 500 Pod Kit and the Elfa Pod Kit. Both kits feature an innovative airlock system that preserves the freshness of the e-liquid, ensuring a better vaping experience. The pods come in pre-filled and refillable options, giving vapers the flexibility to choose their preferred method. Nic Salt E-Liquid is available for these pods, providing a smoother throat hit and faster nicotine delivery.

In addition to the kits, Elf Bar also offers a range of disposable vapes in various flavours, including mango, blueberry, and menthol. These disposable vapes are convenient and easy to use, making them perfect for vapers on the go.

Customers can enjoy free next-day delivery for orders over £20, making it even more convenient to get their Elf Bar Vape Pods. Overall, Elf Bar provides a comprehensive selection of vape pods to meet the needs of all types of vapers.